About Shirreza Food Industrial Complex

The production bases of this factory were established by Haj Hossein Dehghan with more than half a century of experience in 1963 (with the construction of a workshop and store) and as a producer of sesame products along with other products such as Yazdi Falodeh and all kinds of herbal distillates, a success was achieved in the service of our dear fellow compatriots and citizens.

   After years of efforts, Haj Hossein Dehghan passed away in 1998 and his eldest son Haj Mohammad Reza Dehghan nicknamed Shirreza took responsibility for the growth and development of this workshop unit.



By setting up a specialized production, distribution and sales network, Shirreza Group has increased the volume of production and variety of its products and takes steps towards reducing the volume of imports to the country and self-sufficiency in this industry.

   Identifying the needs of the community, producing and quickly supplying orders in Iran in the best way and finally achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction has been the bases of the success of this complex in Iran.


With the aim of exporting Iranian products to international markets, Shirreza Group of Factories, has been able to introduce and export its food products to 23 countries in the world by continuously participating in international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, etc. since 2010 and is at par with the best global markets



We have risen from the land of Yazd with a firm determination and a great goal and with the purpose of globalization, we have stepped out of the desert around us and stepped towards different countries. It won't be long that the echo of the presence of Iranian culture and knowledge will be heard everywhere in the world.